AY!  I’ve been so bad about posting the past two Fridays, but I have a legitimate excuse…I was shooting a wedding two Fridays ago, and was stuck on the couch battling the epic summer flu last Friday {and, I kind of forgot!} :)

Wedding season is in full swing, but Brendan and I have managed to work on our new house whenever we get a spare second {usually around 11:00 p.m.!}.  This week, we’ve been painting!  The previous owner loved browns and tans, and our style is kind of the opposite.  We love grays, blues, blacks, etc.  Also, all of the trim is this nasty cream color, so we have undertaken the task {or as my husband calls it “a project” so that it seems more fun} of painting ALL OF THE TRIM white.  Yes, we are crazy.  Thankfully our house is only 1100 square feet!  It took us FOUR hours to paint one doorway and the baseboards of our dining room last night.  And, we still need to do another coat!  If anyone has ANY painting tips, please share.

We are also fans of rustic/industrial/modern furnishings.  The problem is, most furniture stores that sell this type of furnishings are crazy expensive {$3000 for an industrial shelf?!  No thanks!}, so on top of thrifting, we’ve decided to build our own shelving!  We bought barn wood from this store in Indiana, and had it shipped here.  I can’t wait to see it go on our walls!  Photos coming soon….

To end on an embarrassing note, I finally sent my passport in to get my name changed.  Last time, my photo sported my too-short-sumer-hair-cut of high school.  This time, I look like a drunken, high serial killer.  You can see it if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram {both usernames are megangielow}.  Let’s just say I can’t do the “serious face.”  :)


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