It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.

Brendan and I have been on a high the past couple of days coasting through the towns we honeymooned in, eating at a couple of our favorite restaurants…all in between practice & work.  But, today we were hit with some major concerning news regarding the house that we are supposed to be moving into in less than a month.

Deal-breaking news that is completely out of our control.

We know this entire process is in God’s hands, and we are trying our best to be patient and just trust.  We know that if this is the house we are supposed to live in, He will make it happen.  If not, He is preparing us for something better or protecting us from the worst.  If you have a minute today, please keep us in your prayers.

To end on a positive note, we will be hanging out in San Francisco this weekend.  We are blessed beyond measure to work in such beautiful places :)

  • Mary Marantz - Ahhhh,yes! I remember the house buying highs & lows all too well! Hang in there, it does work out for the absolute BEST in the end!


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