“He is a light to reveal God to the nations…” Luke 2:32


Getting married this year meant we celebrated Christmas SEVEN times.  Hence, I can say that the weekend of Christmas was a little crazy.  Neither of our parents are divorced, but we have three traditional Christmas celebrations on each side on top of our own new one :)  It was great to visit in Michigan for a few days and see our families.

My grandpa on Christmas Eve Eve.

Uncle Paul.

My dad on Christmas Eve trying out his new iPhone 4S.

Grandma Johnson.

My sister-in-law and Brendan’s cousin during a game of Quelf on Christmas day.  That game is hilarious.  Highly recommended.

Polaroids from our own Christmas in Charlotte.

Our FIRST tree! (well…bush?)  Note the handmade star out of tinfoil (a Gielow family tradition).

Merry {belated} Christmas and Happy New Year!

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