BEST OF 2010

If there’s one word I could think of to encapsulate 2010, it would be change.  I’ve moved four times, made a HUGE decision to forgo the newspaper industry for full-time freelancing as a photojournalist and managing Lime Green Photography, completely changed my logo and website, and permanently left the cold north for the warm south :)

{scroll down if you are only interested in the photos…I won’t be offended; there’s a lot of rambling in this post.}

When I reflect back on my resolutions, I’m slightly disappointed that I haven’t accomplished many of these goals:

√ • Cut back on caffeine & sugar
• Keep a consistent workout schedule (even if it is only 2x’s a week)
• Make time for GOD every day (reading the Bible, journaling, etc)
• Share GOD’s LOVE
• Connect with an international nonprofit/NGO to work with by the end of the year to make a difference
√ • Get out of my comfort zone (physically, photographically, spiritually, relationally….)

I have definitely cut back on the amount of caffeine I consume, but that is partly because coffee is EXPENSIVE! ;) I’d also like to think that I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone…but there’s always room to keep pushing.

As for the other goals, it’s not necessarily that I haven’t embarked on any of these, but I think I could definitely IMPROVE in each of these categories.   There’s always next year.

As for 2011, these are my resolutions:

• SHOOT MORE {for me}
• Finish {or at least begin} a personal project
• Work on a project overseas
• Make better quality time for GOD every day.
• Start living my life less in my comfort zone and more where I can’t do anything BUT rely on God.
• Be healthier {cut the diets, exercise more consistently, eat more organic/healthy foods, drink more water}

As I was going through my edit of my favorite images from the year, I was disappointed in myself for having little to show for any personal work…mostly because there was HARDLY any!  I’m not going to lie…it’s difficult to make time to shoot for me when my job is being a photographer.  But, I know that it will be hard for me to grow if I don’t.

There have been so many adjustments from living in NYC while working for MediaStorm, to moving to Charlotte…that there has been little wiggle room to work on grant proposals to go abroad.  Mark my words, THIS YEAR I WILL MAKE TIME!

I just read Forgotten God, by Francis Chan, and the book REALLY challenged me to quit living a selfish life.  Please don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t consider myself a greedy person, but aren’t we ALL selfish in one way or another?!  It reminded me that I was put here on earth to live for GOD and to serve and LOVE others.  It’s easy to “half” do this….to save money, live securely in a bubble, and only step outside of the line every now and then…. but I know that I’m called to do more than this.  I need to start being more aware of the needs of others outside of my life.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all did this?  ::I digress::

I have a problem starting so-called diets that last for two weeks, then avoiding the gym for a month after….and then start all over again.  But NO MORE internet!  I want to be skiing and gardening like my 89-year-old grandfather when I’m his age.  Time to start taking better care of myself now.

And now for the pictures!

My favorite wedding images of 2010 {I tried to avoid reposting images that are in my portfolio, but there were some that I HAD to include :) }

Favorite personal/photojournalistic images:

Favorite Multimedia:

Check out the piece here.

Favorite Portraits/Engagements:

And finally, I have to thank all of my clients for an AMAZING year.  I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you, as well as getting to be a part of some of the most memorable moments of your lives. :)

2011 is going to ROCK!  Can’t wait!

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