Kitt // The First Year

Kittredge Emert, you turned one year old this week. The past 365 days have been some of the happiest in my life. I knew motherhood would change me, but I didn’t know it would make me a better person. You’ve helped me become more patient, joyful, and thankful. I never knew how deep the love of a parent was before you.

Of course, this year has been challenging I didn’t know I could function on so little sleep for this many days (and counting). But, you are worth every diaper change, every sleepless night, every mess, every scar from pregnancy and birth. It’s an incredible privilege to be your momma.

My friend, Cheyenne, puts together a video each year for her kids and shares them on her blog. I thought it was an incredible idea, as most of our videos are scattered on various hard drives. Or, they’re buried in our phones. Encapsulating each year in one video is an easy way to revisit and celebrate the journey every trip around the sun. When we were pregnant, our birth class instructor (and our doula) asked us to choose a song to sing to our babies every day. We sang Two Of Us On The Run by Lucius every night to Kitt, slow dancing with a huge bump between us, tears running down my cheeks most days. It’s extra special to have this included at the end of our video.

Forever indebted to Elizabeth for being there for the birth and capturing the most beautiful images (Almond Leaf Studios). The birth clip in the video is also by Elizabeth + Dave.

The above two by my dear friend, Alicia White.

The above image by my crazy talented friend, Abbi.

Kendra did an incredible job capturing Kitt’s baptism.

Thank you, Amelia, for snagging this one for us!

Can’t wait to share the photos from our session with Meghan.

  • Jacque Adams - The tears are streaming down my face. Beautiful year, beautiful family!ReplyCancel

  • Dee Stecco - Oh Megan, this is so beautiful! What a blessing to have this to remember those tender moments.

  • Roxanne - Oh Megan! I loved watching your first year as a mom! I love the tribute of his middle name to Dr Emert! Best of all was seeing your mom and dad loving the grandparent life! I cracked up at Dr Marks hair LOL….May your journey always be blessed!ReplyCancel

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