I’ve had this post ready for quite some time and keep forgetting to share about my wonderful spring intern! The spring season is already halfway over, but I still wanted to introduce everyone to More. She’s an incredibly fast learner and has been so supportive during this transition of merging motherhood and full time work (i.e. driving while I’m pumping on a wedding day, holding and soothing Kitt so we can get out the door, and just being an overall wonderful second shooter + help!).

Here’s a bit more about her, from More:

Hi! My name is More :) I am a wife, a mommy and a photographer. I have always been obsessed with photography. I think I have about 50,000 photographs backed up from years of documenting everything around me. They’re more than just pictures to me. They’re my memories. They’re my way of reliving special moments. I recently decided to take a leap and turn my passion into a business, and I became a wedding photographer.  As a wedding photographer, I get to be the one that captures someone else’s moments and provide them with a memory that will last for generations to come. I LOVE my job!  


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