I believe in creating a learning experience for my interns that helps them prepare for their own business ventures. It’s not an internship where you carry bags and work on spreadsheets. You will be shooting lots and constantly pushed to your creative max.

The time dedicated to the internship is split between second shooting and coaching sessions. Weddings + sessions typically occur on weekends and are all over NC (sometimes elsewhere). Coaching sessions are spent learning software, workflow, business practices, editing—anything you want to learn that I can teach you. I’m an open book. Coaching sessions are flexible to your schedule but occur in Charlotte, NC.

The ideal candidate would have their own gear (Canon preferred), quasi-local to Charlotte, and can commit for six months. However, above all else, I’m looking for an eager-learner, creative-minded, fun-loving person.


Shoot me an email (megan@morningwild.com) for more info.

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