I’m excited to announce the launch of MORNINGWILD!

Why the change? You might ask…

This decision stems from a desire to match the natural evolution of my work and imagery that has transpired over the past eight years. My style has developed into something more dramatic, emotional, earthy, and creative than the name “Lime Green Photography” has ever represented. LGP was a whimsical idea that I chose at age 19 without much thought or intent—and only a few weddings on the calendar. However, the company has organically grown into something bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. I have loved becoming a documentary wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer while constantly growing as an artist and storyteller.


MORNINGWILD has been a journey in the making.  The name was born out of something personal in my life:  my first date with my husband.  We met in the morning to grab breakfast and walk on the beach, the same place where we would later say our vows and become husband and wife.  I wanted the core values of my business to stand for:  that feeling of being young and in love; supporting real marriages; authentic, creative, raw storytelling; the pursuit of adventure; and the importance of cherishing and memorializing a family’s heritage.

“Morning” is symbolic of the beginning.  It’s the time of day when you are your most raw self, before showering and make-up is applied.  Before the world and routines begin.  It’s reminiscent of golden light, sunrise, peace, and nature. “Wild” is feeling free, without boundaries. It’s about passionately creating something unconventional without limits.

Together, MORNINGWILD signifies the pursuit of something raw, authentic, and creatively beautiful without limitation.

Is anything else changing?!

Nothing else is changing!  I will still be shooting weddings, portraits, and families with the same style as showcased here and on the new site.  The rebrand is simply a “facelift” for the representation of my work.  You can still communicate with me at my old email address, or you can reach me at  Whichever is easiest for you.  My blog site will stay the same web address, but will eventually redirect to
I’ve also been holding onto many blog posts since September with the intention to blog with the new brand.  Be sure to check my blog over the next couple of months for updated work!

LAUNCH giveaways!

I will be hosting a few fun giveaways during launch week (the 15th-18th) over social media.  I’ll be posting more info about that on my instagram (@megangielow) and facebook pages (, so be sure to follow along :)


I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Joshua Noom for working over many drafts and navigating through my imagination to create the logo.  Also, big thanks to Frances Close for the brand development.  Another thank you to my sweet friends (Alicia, Jenna, Cheyenne, Emily, Abbi, and Elizabeth) for being supportive and proofing the site, logo drafts, image selection, etc. Finally, I’m incredibly grateful for a husband who supports my dreams, even when I think they’re unreachable and crazy.

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