morrow mountain

This is the time of year for rest.  After holiday orders have been processed and shipped. After all shoots & weddings from the year have been retouched and sent out…  there’s nothing left to do but to take it all in.

I don’t do well with rest; instead, I’ve been dreaming and dating my husband.  We made a date jar filled with random ideas that we pluck from on our designated date night of the week.  This week, I pulled “make ice cream.”  We received TWO ice cream makers for our wedding, and we had yet to open either box.  We love ice cream but usually go out when we choose to indulge.

After a lovely meal at one of our favorites in Midwood (Soul), we opened up the contraption and made soft-serve vanilla with warm fudge.  I think we enjoyed dancing around in our kitchen while we waited for the ice cream to churn more than eating the actual dessert.  ;)

The photos above are from one of our dates at Morrow Mountain a couple weeks ago.  Brendan planned a picnic, and we went for a short hike.  I feel blessed that we have some down time to enjoy each other’s company before the craziness of our life picks up again.

As time goes on, I’m learning that the small moments like these stick more in my memory than any big plans we make.



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