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I’m reflecting back on my freshman year when I blogged about what I had learned after my first year away from home.   I quote:  “Things I’ve learned in my first year of college… Some things never change like… -I’m a perfectionist. About everything -My mom’s food will always be the best food -I will […]

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  • flat8 - Hey Megan,

    I’ve been meaning to read your blog for a while and kept forgetting it existed, and I came across it tonight and promise to be a consistent reader :-)

    I just wanted to let you know this entry meant a lot to me. Of all my friends who blog, most just write silly stories and I’m one of the only ones who write long, analytical posts looking back at the year, the semester, the college career. I have yet to write a big college wrap-up, which I was expecting to do during graduation week, and this post really has inspired me to sit down tomorrow (it’s 2:38am and I should go to sleep at some point) and look back at what it all means.

    I really enjoyed your advice, your lessons learned, and your outlook for the future. Thanks for sharing.

    <3, CarissaReplyCancel

My subject, James, is quite an early bird.  Normally I schedule portrait shoots for the evening, but we decided upon 8 a.m….and we had the BEST light!  I showed my nerdyness by ranting on and on about how amazing it was, but I don’t think he minded.  :)  He taught me a thing or two […]

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