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I can’t believe my long days of classes are over.  I can remember sitting in Spanish 201 at 8:30 a.m. my freshman year, terrified that I wouldn’t succeed.  Or sitting in COM 107, thinking that I would never pass because the current event tests were so difficult. Four years later, and I’m ready to graduate. […]

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I recently applied for a scholarship & the essay question was “why are you a visual journalist?”  I did a little soul-searching, and this is what came out:    I never intended to become a visual journalist.  I never intended for photography to become my passion. I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer […]

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I was led to Noor photo agency by a fellow photographer’s blog, and I was incredibly impressed with their mission & work.  If I could work for an organization like them someday…I might consider my life complete.  haha.   The photographer that stunned me the most was Francesco Zizola.  Seriously, at least check his site out. […]

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