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I accidentally met the Savich family earlier this semester when doing a scavenger hunt for my photo class.  I was driving around, and noticed this beautiful church with gorgeous stained glass windows.  I went inside to see if anyone was praying, and I met Sergey, who told me a little bit about his family.  His […]

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I’m FINALLY attempting to make business cards.  I’ve found it very difficult to brand myself since my work has several different facades.  People have suggested putting a photo on the back, but as I market myself for weddings & portraits…it is quite different than documentary photography.  So, I think this is the design I’ve settled […]

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  • steph hart - Heyy i like it! i love the side with just typography. the one you chose to do your name is looks very classy and modern. those colors you chose to brand yourself will help you stand out from other photographers! (not to mention your awesome photos will too!)

    space out the email, website and phone number text a little, you don’t want it to become to cluttered and unreadable up there.


I always thought my mom had a lot to handle with two kids…but imagine 15. Tim & Melissa Glisson have adopted 15 kids over the past 9 years.  They’ve been gracious enough to let another person into their home to tell their story.  I absolutely LOVE their family, & I have felt like part at […]

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