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I absolutely love doing engagement shoots.  They are one of my favorite things to photograph.  I think you can tell a lot about a couple from how they interact in situations like these.  I did Rosanna & Pete’s yesterday, and they are such a CUTE couple.  I could see the love & passion in their […]

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I had one of my favorite assignments this week at the Post-Standard.  I was assigned to go to Fort Drum (btw, is 2 hours away), to photograph over 600 soldiers coming back from Iraq after more than a year.  I guess 600 is a LOT more than normally come home, so it was sort of […]

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I’m a hard-core SU basketball fan.  Like, seriously.  I’ve spent countless nights and weeks outside of the dome camping out in the middle of FEBRUARY when the temperature circulates around 0 degrees…and with this craziness I’ve been able to sit in the front row, make friends with the security guards, rush the court, get some […]

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